no vamos a ser menos

Hay muchas razones para votar. Muchas nos las recordaran en estos días. Pero tal vez nadie se acuerde de la que más nos importa: este pedazo de mundo es nuestro y su futuro también. Votar es dejar constancia de que lo sabemos y de que que estamos aquí para ejercer nuestro poder incluso si ejercerlo significa votar en blanco y rechazar todas las propuestas.

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no vamos a ser menos

 La iniciativa partede un grupo de cibervoluntarios de toda Andalucía, entre ellos, Alberto un paisano de La Isla que ya en las elecciones municipales se lanzó con la plataforma Por el cambio en San Fernando.

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  3. I am against these tax cuts that the Canadian government is giving to the corporatocracy. They need to pay their fair share of what it takes to make a society work. Roads, Schools, hospitals, public utilities and the cost of raising the next generation of workers. I would not allow them to sell one product in the country if this is how they want to operate. Patriotism it seems is a sucker’s game used con our youth to serve as cannon fodder abroad or prisoners at home-all in the service of capitalism. Competition is NOT what has allowed us to evolve as a species-adaptation and cooperation are the cornerstones of civilization. It is about time we stopped listening to this garbage about the “free enterprise” system. It has nothing to do with democracy or freedom and everything to do with wage slavery crimes against humanity and the outright destruction of mother earth. The lies about our system of production have been repeated so often for so long that they have become true-not materially but ideologically and have in turn become a material force in that it keeps people bound up into a system that is diametrically opposed to their own interests. Many other countries in the world have experienced the ugly underbelly of capitalism that has has come to hit home in American-it is a sy stem that has long overstayed its welcome in the history of humankind-if this sounds like rhetoric of old well so be it. At 56 years of age I have witnessed the complete destruction of our values reduced our citizens to mothing more than a commodity whose only worth is what their labour power can bring them in the marketplace. Time after time we describe the other as less than-a good look in the mirror will tell us that the other is exactly what we have become-less than human indeed barbaric. Socialism is the only system that can recind this history as it is the only system that takes capitalism head on. From South America to Norway people know better-you will learn the easy way or the hard way but Americans will learn and that time is fast approaching. The sooner the better.Yours,RR


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